Weather & Climate

South Africa is a subtropical region, moderated by both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean. These factors influence conditions differently in the coastal and inland regions.


Summer months in South Africa is from mid-October to mid-February, and is characterised by hot, sunny weather. The inland region is often associated with afternoon thunderstorms that clear quickly, and leave a warm and earthy smell in the air.


Autumn months in South Africa is from mid-February to April, and is characterised by warm weather and very little rain.


Winter months in South Africa is from May to July, and is experienced differently in the different regions of the country. The coastal areas are characterised by cold, wet and windy conditions, while the inland areas are characterised by dry, sunny, crisp days and very cold nights.


Spring months in South Africa is from August to mid-October, and is characterised by windy, yet pleasant conditions throughout the country.

What To Bring On A Photo Safari

Comfortable clothing & shoes
Swimming costume


Our photographic safari accommodation varies depending on where you decide to travel, from traditional bungalows in the Kruger National Park, to an upmarket B&B, and luxury 5-star lodges. We ensure that a Dream Big African Safari team member accompanies all safaris and activities to ensure safety as well as provide invaluable information.